What do you want to learn today?

Our mission is to provide opportunities for young people to develop and fulfill their potential.

We develop and mediate youth participation in non-formal education activities, thus support personal and professional development and a more active and quality life of individuals and the community.

What we do?


Our local activities follow our mission, i.e. mainly to fulfilling the potential of individuals and the community and assisting their personal and professional development. Our goal is for the workshop topics to correspond with current society challenges and needs.


We cooperate with other organizations and help promote their activities. We want to help make visible the partner projects and organizations whose values are in line with ours. We will be happy to help promote your non-formal education projects through our channels.

International projects

Add international dimension to your learning and its value multiplies. By learning in an international environment, you get to know new places, cultures, mentalities, friends. Today, these opportunities are literally within your reach. For example, thanks to our Erasmus+ projects that you can easily participate in.


Volunteering develops your potential, initiative and interest in your environment, which is why we support volunteering activities on the local and international level. You can also contact us if you have an idea for a volunteer project and are looking for a support – we are always happy to help with its implementation and promotion.

Why Youth Progress?

We want to build a platform under which quality and innovative informal educational projects will be created and developed, and which will support young people’s active interest in developing and improving the lives of themselves and their environment.

Photos from projects and workshops


Our values


Every learning process starts with self-reflection, which helps us discover our strengths and weaknesses and understand what we need to work on. We are not afraid of self-reflection and are always open to constructive criticism, because that is the only way we move forward.


We like to approach competition as a source of inspiration and we are not against any cooperation that will help support and improve projects that fulfill our mission. We take care about relationships with our partners and support each other to achieve the best possible results.


We create processes and innovative environments for your education. We do not avoid best practices while at the same time, we want to create space for new methods of personal and professional development, progressive solutions and creativity.


We believe that one’s learning process should always go hand in hand with humility and respect for the skills and knowledge of others, as well as respect for different practices and points of view. At the same time, this approach allows us to be more open to new things and use the potential of learning to the fullest.

Blog & News

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