Call for Youth Exchange
MAD about EU – Music To Accept Diversity

28 June – 5 July 2024

Orta Nova | Italy

About the project

The goal of “MAD about EU” is to promote positive and inclusive social values in youth society, as well as art and music as a valid response to discrimination. This project will promote the value of combating discrimination and music as a vehicle tool. Through music and its promotion, participants will be able to expand the message of the fight against discrimination, promoting inclusion and spreading good practices in order to correctly disseminate the message.

The project will follow a non-formal methodology through workshops, discussions, group work, brainstorming, presentations, while also offering art and music workshops in order to promote other modes of learning, peer cooperation and cross-cultural learning.

The results of the project will be collected in a song and its music video and both will be produced during the Youth Exchange and promoted as a result of it. The song will be a combination of music and lyrics produced and written by each of the 5 different countries involved, whose participants will collect and express a message against discrmination for the promotion of inclusion.

Project objectives:

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • to promote the active participation in society and the inclusion of all young people;
  • to help and support young people in achieving skills, values and attitudes important for the development of a democratic society;
  • to promote the principles of Erasmus+: tolerance, respect for other cultures, respect for human rights;
  • to promote values and knowledge about the European Union and YouthPass competences;
  • to use arts, music and media as a mean to achieve positive societal goals; promoting music as a tool to raise awareness on social issues;
  • to develop young people’s motivation and sense of responsibility for mutual understanding and the fight against discrimination and exclusion in a global way;
  • to stimulate young people’s sense of initiative;
  • to create a new song that unites the different cultures and backgrounds of all the participants.

Involved countries

 – Turkey, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark.

The venue

The venue of the youth exchange you are about to be hosted is a charming “Agriturismo“ surrounded by beautiful countryside. The accommodation is designed to encourage socializing and collaboration, with hostel-like rooms that can comfortably accommodate several participants each.
We believe that staying in this cozy and rustic environment will provide a unique opportunity for participants to connect with each other and experience the local culture firsthand, the way Italian families are akin to!
Check this link out to start dreaming of your Italian dream!

The dishes will be served by host organization with traditional food from Puglia, so be prepared to taste delicious food!

Financial conditions

Accommodation, food and all materials at the project will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme. There is no participation fee.

The eligible participants

There will be 7 participants + 1 group leader per country.

The participants:
  • are aged 18 to 25 years old; 
  • want to improve their creative and music skills;
  • are sensitive to the social issues;
  • have a basic intermediate level of English;
The group leader:
  • is aged 18+ years old; 
  • is able to support his/her group;
  • previously participated as a participant and/or a leader in any youth project at national or international level;
  • has a high English literacy (B2/C1) level;
  • has previous experience in Youth Work and/or Erasmus+ programme;

Learn more

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The application deadline is April 19.

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