Call for Youth Exchange
ART Included

30 October – 7 November 2023

Čechtice | Czech Republic

About the project

The project Art Included supports the objectives and needs of the Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and those of the Youth Strategy with its main aim to provide a quality learning opportunity for youngsters with fewer opportunities to develop skills to improve their personal and professional lives and enhance their chances in the labour market.

The project will help the youngsters learn to adapt to a fast-changing world and become more independent, develop better cooperations skills, easily adapt to multicultural environments and become active young citizens aware of common European values.

ART Included is a 9-day youth exchange in the Czech Republic, where the main tool for learning will be theatrical improvisation and some other methods related to art (for example music sessions). Theatrical improvisation is a great, innovative and inclusive tool that helps youngsters improve creativity, self-expression, communication, foreign language skills, cooperation, improvisation, confidence and pro-active attitude, mutual understanding, presentation skills and much more.

There will be sessions to discuss the current issues that youngsters face all over Europe as well as to raise awareness of the great benefits of a highly inclusive society and how each individual can contribute to achieving it.

The project aims to break down prejudices and stereotypes through a set of theatrical improvisation exercises that eliminate intercultural barriers and help the youngsters step into anyone else’s shoes to easily understand different perspective and learn how to communicate their own points of view.

Intercultural dialogue and learning along with the feeling of being European will be tackled through intercultural activities, such as games and sessions to promote countries and cultures of the participants, but also sessions specifically dedicated to the Erasmus+ programme and other European opportunities for young Europeans to pursue their professional and personal goals.

Project objectives

  • to help young people acquire and develop competences, skills and attitudes for their personal and professional life through innovative tools inspired by art,
  • to promote art as a highly efficient tool to empower young people and enhance a more inclusive society,
  • to encourage international and intercultural cooperation, foster tolerance and intercultural awareness, as well as active citizenship in young Europeans.

The venue

Yout are going to stay in a nature area of the Czech Republic near a village called Čechtice (a bit over 1 hour from Prague) in a facility called Rekreační středisko Jizbice.

The address of the venue is: Zhoř 23, 257 65 Čechtice

The nearest village with shops and facilities is about 4,5 km away (Čechtice), a smaller town with more shops and an ATM is about 15 km away (Vlašim). There is a medical emergency in Benešov and Pelhřimov. We will have a car at the project for urgent cases.

The facility works as a recreation venue mainly for school trips and outdoor retreats, camping or company events. It provides full sports and recreational use from swimming to tennis, ball games to hiking. The hotel complex offers one natural swimming pool, football, handball, basketball and volleyball courts.

There are many cultural monuments and points of interest in the surroundings, which can become the goal of a walking trip.

Financial conditions

All accommodation and meals during the youth exchange and you travel will be covered from the Erasmus+ programme.🙂

Eligible participants

There will be participants from Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Portugal and France. The ideal participant…

→  is 18 – 30 years old 

→  is a person with fewer opportunities (facing social or economic obstacles or any disadvantages that make their access to education/the labour market/participation in the community more difficult)

→ is motivated to participate and has very little or no previous experience with the Erasmus+ program. 

→ is concerned about the topic of diversity and inclusion, knows what they want to learn at the project, is interested in self-improvement, international cooperation and discussion, and wants to explore artistic expressions as an innovative method of self-development. 

Learn more

See the detailed infopack below.

Do you want to participate?

Fill in the application form below and we will get back with you!🙂

The application deadline is October 15.

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